News for Volunteers

May 2019

Key points from Keyholders’ Meeting of 3rd May, the Coffee Morning of 20th May and other updates.

The New Library

As anticipated there has been a delay in the completion of the new Library. Latest dates are as follows -
Practical completion 24th June followed by fit out.
Present Library last day Sat 6th July.
Closure, decant of books etc. 8th to 13th July.
First day in new Library Monday 15th July.

If any volunteers would like to help the professional staff with the setting up, sign up to drop into the new Library from the Wednesday onwards. These dates could still change.

We have confirmed to County that we like the green for the Children's Corner and would like purple and grey chairs. We have a number of older customers who like to sit at a standard table and read the paper and suggest a swap of the low table for a smallish higher one to go in the area where Library Link is on the plan. Also we'd prefer Library Link table near photocopiers etc. Ideally we would still like a coffee table and low chairs.

Our Fire Station colleagues – the lead officer has been invited to attend the next Partnership Meeting with the Management Group on 31stMay.

As the opening of the new Library is later than expected, it was felt that the formal Launch should be left until September.

Our Summer Reading Challenge will now start on the opening day, 15th July so extra volunteers may be needed that day.

A full stock edit will take place by County before the move. We do not stock edit. All volunteers have re-iterated to County their concern of overstocking a few authors which then limits new authors and shelf space. We will see if we can have an ‘additional copies’ shelf somewhere in the new Library.

Publicity for the new Library will be provided by County but in addition we should try to get an article in local papers and magazines and a new pavement edge notice board. Funding for the latter will be sought from the Community Libraries fund for 2019/20. We will put together a flyer advertising all the Library facilities and events and will circulate this widely once opening date is formally confirmed. All publicity can be put on the Herts Libraries website.

Displays in the new Library will need to be put up during the first week of operation as there is no lead in time. Our thanks to Anne for beautiful Childrens Area displays to date. It would be good to have both internal and external displays/notices/landscaping etc completed by the end of July

The iPAD will be used more in the new Library and training will be given.

Other recent news

Village Day - Once again we will have a stall at Village Day on Sunday 14th July. We will use this opportunity to advertise the new Library opening. Good quality, saleable books are needed and can be left at Frank’s house opposite Marford field. David and Frank will arrange the stall and Anita, Richard, Lisa, Gill have offered to help to staff it. All volunteers welcome.

Opening Hours - After discussion at the last Coffee morning it was agreed that we should try to offer one evening opening at the new Library. Thursday was the agreed day, from 6pm to 8pm and volunteers will be asked if they will offer to do this for an eight week trial period from 25th July.

Visits and Schools Involvement - On Thursday 23rd May Yellow Star Nursery will visit for a general browse at 3.30pm. Anita will lead. On Friday 24th May St Helens Reception will visit for an ‘Introduction to your Library session’ in two groups at 9.45 and 10.30. Chrissie will lead and Frank and Lisa will assist. Beech Hyde (Marion), St Helens (Barbara) and St Albans Junior Girls School (Chrissie) will be visited in early July to advertise the Summer Reading Scheme and new Library.  

Rotas and Volunteers

It was agreed that now the newer volunteers are trained up we should divide so that no more than three people are on each session. Lynn will look at the rota in this respect.

We will invite new volunteers for training from September and particularly will seek those prepared to help with children's activities.

Projects and Monthly themes

Projects progress - All established projects are going well and the ‘New Craft Fourth Friday’ session now has a timetable for the rest of the year which will be publicised. The Saturday morning Storytime session will be re-advertised and start again as a pilot on 27th July with a new time of 10.30am.

Monthly themes – please volunteer for the gaps and thanks to those who have done the displays to date.
  • June:             Wood Turning    -    John 
  • July:               France    -     Fanny 
  •  August:         Travel    -     Sarah R 
  •  September:   ?
  • October:        Nature    -     Jenny 
  •  November:   Gifts you can make    -        Karen
  •  December:   ? 
  •  Jan 2020:     New Year Wellbeing    -    Lisa
  •   Feb 2020:    Winning Books & Films    -     Jo

AGM and the Management Team

The AGM of WCL will be held at 12noon on Friday 19th July 2019 immediately after the Coffee Morning. This is a public meeting and will be advertised in the village.

Frank has agreed to be seconded to join the management group and with Lisa and Frank as additional members the original team can feel confident of the future.

Summary of actions by volunteers and management to take place in next month

Volunteers -
  • Consider helping with new Library book stock from 10th July and sign up for this at staff desk
  • Summer Reading Challenge refresher course will take place on Thursday 6th June 10.00-11.30am. Please do come, you don’t have to book in advance but can, again, sign up at the staff desk. 
  • Consider volunteering for the pilot scheme of Thursday evening opening 6pm -8pm from mid July
Management -
  • Arrange dates for SRC Presentations in September
  • Arrange acquisition of new large notice board for pavement edge at new Library. • Flyer for new Library facilities and activities
  • New Thursday evening opening volunteer special rota
  • Source new volunteers , especially for children's activities
  • Advertise AGM

NEXT COFFEE MORNING -  Monday 19h July 2019 at 10.30am IN THE NEW LIBRARY … (we hope!)

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