News for Volunteers

February 2019

Key points from the our coffee morning of 25th February and other updates.

Recent News  

Management Group -
Lisa Wenz has been seconded on to the Management Group.

News about the Fire Station move – The management group reported on a meeting about the interior layout held on 7 February with Herts. There were three things which we all considered needed revising. First was the re-instatement of a glass door between the lobby area and main library; secondly the removal of the lavatory door from the main library into said lobby and thirdly the need for a two computer desks, not just one computer, at the staff area. It was agreed that Chrissie would contact Russel Barrow to follow up these requests. In terms of time line we are still expecting to move in April and the Library will need to close then for about ten days.
    Update from Community Libraries Forum – The Public Mutual body is being set up and the tender bid to run Herts Libraries will be going in shortly. In June/July the bid will be awarded and implementation will be July/October. At present it is unlikely that this change will affect us greatly.

    Grant Application - The Community Libraries grant application for £300 has been successful.

    Finance and Equipment –
    Now that the grant from the Community Libraries Fund has been received, Anita has ordered one folding table and four folding chairs, needed for our increasing activities. We will be receiving a new kiosk during the first week in April and will be helped by Liam and Alison to use it. 

    Rota and Volunteers

    New volunteers -
    Andrea Berry and Maria Denham received their ‘badges’ at the Coffee morning.

    Closures - 
    It is unlikely that we will need additional closures over and it may be that this period is our closure for moving anyway. 

    Projects and Monthly Themes

    Projects progress –
    All projects are going well.
    • The recent Knit Natter Know Monthly New Craft session raised £50 which will be kept for additional craft initiatives.
    • There has been a request for a ‘Storytime Session’ on a Saturday morning with 13 people expressing interest. It was agreed that this could be piloted by the Saturday team with Fanny running it alternate weeks. We need volunteers for the other weeks. Andrea and Gill P have agreed to consider this, once a month each, so Fanny will be asked to contact them.

    Monthly themes - 

    • March:   Comedy  -  Margaret 
    • April:   Holistic Therapies  -  Anne
    • May:   Germany  -  Barbara
    • June:   Wood turning  -  John
    • July:   France  -  Fanny
    • August:   Travel  -  Sarah R
    • September:   Languages  -  Andrea
    • Oct/Nov/Dec:  Please volunteer . . .


    Spydus Training
    Karen & Lisa have kindly agreed to run a few Spydus sessions, contact Chrissie.   

    Dementia Awareness Training for Volunteers 1st & 12th April
    We have had a good response to this opportunity; 14 attending on 1st April and 12 on 12th. Please contact Chrissie for places. 

    Other Matters and Issues from Volunteers 

    The encyclopaedias – Sarah Ryan has now arranged for these to go to a charity which send books to Somalia. This is much appreciated.


    Friday 5th April 2019
    at 10.30am  

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