News for Volunteers

December 2018

Key points from the our coffee morning of 4th December and other updates.

Recent News  

Fire Station - 
It was reported that the progress, (22 week build), with the new library is on target. The contractors should be handing over the building in March and following the fit out we can expect to move in April or early May. From the new year there will be discussions about layout and equipment and we will be involved. There will need to be a closure for at least a week during the removal period. We agreed that we should have a ‘new library launch’ probably in May.

Equipment -   At the Community Libraries Forum, a new fund was announced. It was agreed that we would apply to this fund for purchase of a ‘Monthly Theme ‘ table (foldable) and four folding chairs.

Newspapers -   The standard daily paper will shortly be the Guardian. This was welcomed, but we agreed that we will pay for the continuation of the Daily Mail as this is well used. Our customers will now have a choice.   

PLUS -   The Public Libraries User Survey was completed and we registered about 140 users.

Wheathampstead Community Group Internet Café –   At present the use of the Library on a Tuesday morning is organised through County. Once the move has taken place, this relationship, subject to agreement with WCG, will exist with the Community Library rather than County, as it is a community resource.

Rota and Volunteers

Holiday Opening - 
It has been agreed that we will not open on Christmas Eve and New Years Eve along with the standard Bank Holiday closures.  Please offer to cover someone/gaps on the rota.

Volunteers - 
These now number 41 with three new volunteers awaiting training, and we have five D of E young people volunteers.

Projects and Monthly Theme

are going well with good take up by members of the community. Lead volunteers as follows:

  • Knit Natter Know (Weds am)          Karen, Catherine
  • Toddlers (Monday pm)                     Anne, Gillian, Barbara
  • Babies (Thursday am)                       Jane and Corinne (specialists) Anita, Liz 

Monthly theme - 
This was agreed in principle at the last meeting.   A back screen and table have now been set up near the door and the Armistice material is being displayed. This will change to a Christmas display mid-December. We need two people to take charge each month to research and set up the ‘theme’. January and February 2019 are already arranged:

  • January:         Arts and Crafts            Karen and… 
  • February:                 Classics Connection    Maxine and…. 

The following were other suggested themes.  If any volunteer would like to take the lead on any of these, please contact Chrissie now with your preferred month/s, and Chrissie will set up a Monthly Themes Rota.    Can you offer………..

Holistic Therapy,  Poetry,  Cooking,  Gardening,  Travel,  Local Interests,  Comedy,  Music,  Teenage,  Children

Training - 
 New volunteers training will take place in January run by Chrissie and Anita.

The outstanding short training themes are:
  • Netloan, (dealt with at December Coffee Morning) 
  • Printing from computers and 
  • Basic Book Club procedures. 
Although notes regarding all of these are in the manuals, it is still helpful to have a short training session.  A session will take place at the end of coffee mornings.

Other Matters and Issues from Volunteers 

Communication -   
The time has come for a private ‘Volunteers’ section on the website. Richard will set this up and all volunteers will have the password. In relation to print communications, David will continue to liaise with Mini Magazines, Herts Ads, the Pump, The Vine and do notices. Richard will continue to update the website and will discuss the Facebook page with Fanny. We agreed that it must be kept up to date or removed. Sally King has offered support in putting information on the St Albans Library website and/or meeting with her Comms team.

Fundraising –   
We gained £258 from fundraising in the Waitrose green token scheme. Thanks to Sarah Ryan for arranging and a thank you letter being sent to Waitrose.  David has raised a further £20 from book sales and another £32 from books at The Reading Room.

Wheathampstead Community Safety Forum –   
The Community Library has been invited to attend this as we are now recognised as a ‘community resource’. Richard Brett already sits on this in another capacity as does Gill Partington, and they will double up to represent our interests.

Customer matters - 
  • We were warned to be aware of customers trying to get new cards when they have been blocked due to unpaid fines. 
  • If someone wants to take out a book but only use it at the Library, it is acceptable to put this in an envelope with their name on it and hold it for them, at the staff desk. 
  • Young users – we have a Colouring box held in the office which can be used whenever volunteers require. Leave out on ‘children's’ table but put away each night. 
Thanks -  Special thanks this month to Karen and Catherine who have at last tamed our excessive leaflets and made them much clearer and accessible to customers and to Anne for the lovely Christmas display in the Children's corner. 

Christmas Event 

Our party for volunteers will be on Tuesday 18th December from 6.30 to 8.30pm.


Friday 18th January 2019
at 10.30am plus 20 minute training session. 

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