News for Volunteers

May 2018

Key points from the our coffee morning of 4th May, Partnership Meeting of 13th May and other updates

  • The Launch of the Community Library on 17th April went very well. About 50 people attended including several of our Herts library Service friends and local councillors.  The event was reported in the Herts Ad and Mini Magazine. Shown above: Chrissie Chadney with Andrew Bignell, Head of Libraries and Heritage, Herts CC.
  •  Volunteers were thanked for filling in for the several session gaps that have occurred with holidays etc in May. A few more are needed now and we will certainly need a good few ’covers’ for June.
  • We now have five new volunteers and three on the waiting list. The five who recently completed their Induction are doing their ‘shadowing’ by being the fourth person on certain days. This is proving particularly useful as the holiday season is starting and many volunteers will be away.
  • Food Bank – we discussed how we might best link with the Food Bank should we believe that any customers needed this facility. We do occasionally get temporary people in need. A contact name will be put on the Office board along with reference link to Centre 33 in St Albans.
  • Quiet library periods - when you have spare time, scout around to tidy and find lost items ; recently three ‘lost’ books were found behind a fitting. Also make sure that the ‘Books for Sale’ trolleys do not have library books on them by accident and v.v.
  • Security – ensure that the safe is always closed when the library is open.
  • Wall displays – Anne Roche has a new display ready to go up, agreed this would be in June.
  • Carousel Displays – these badly need editing, re-organising and with proper signage. Karen, Fanny and Catherine volunteered to do this task on a Saturday.
  • Wheathampstead will be recognising people who regularly volunteer in the village by giving each a special badge with the Wheathampstead logo. All of our volunteers have been put forward and Richard is the liaison person for this.
  • The Photo Board on the wall next to the main desk. If your photo is not there please contact Richard who will take photos.


Please note the training below and contact Chrissie by email if you would like to attend.
  • Spydus – session by Jan Matthews on 21st May, 10-12noon; two places still available.
  • Training for Babes and Toddler Time – session by Herts Libraries Young People’s Librarian, Margaret Street, on Friday 8th June 10- 11.45am. 6 Places available -  contact me now.
  • Book Group training – Neil has told us that the way of processing Book Group reservations is being explored and if there is a problem we should contact our Buddy Library, St Albans, rather than Library Link. As so many people want to better understand how things work at present, he will run a demonstration in the Library for those who want it. Date to be sent round in next two weeks. Our Champions, Lynn, Margaret and Frank, will get additional training..
  • Netloan Training – several people said that they would like more understanding of this.  A short training session will be run by our new colleague Gemma. Dates to be arranged.
  • Summer Reading Project – as most of us will be involved in this in some way or another, Neil/Imelda will come to our next Coffee Morning and run a 30 minute session on SRC. Those attending will then buddy with those who can’t be at the Coffee Morning on 11th June to ‘train’ them.

Wheathampstead Community Library Projects

  • KNIT (K)NATTER KNOW started on Wednesday 2nd May 10am-12noon. Run by Karen, Chrissie and Catherine. We were delighted to have seven people for the first session and eight for the second. Crafts include knitting, weaving, crochet. The book being read at present is ‘Reading Allowed ‘ by a librarian and author Chris Paling.
  • TODDLER TIME we will run an amended version of this from Monday 4th June until the end of the Summer Term. It will be on Mondays from 2.30pm to 2.55pm and aimed at babes and toddlers en route to collecting bigger brothers and sisters. Lead persons as follows 4th June Jill Maller; 11th June Chrissie Chadney; 18th June Ann Roche. A second volunteer is needed for each session and lead plus one for further sessions. Also see ‘Training ‘ above. We will commence a full Storytime one morning each week in the Autumn. Chrissie will circulate the poster around the village.
  • CLASSICS CONNECTION - after discussion, it was agreed that we would start small by having the small wooden bookcase dedicated to the Classics in the first instance, displayed as we would any theme. Christine, Maxine and Jenny are the lead people here and will get the initial display up. We are keen to have some short written reviews of some of the books, displayed nearby. As Herts Libraries are keen on this idea we will ask if we can have access to a set of these books (authors to be decided) and not have them rotated but available on request loan elsewhere. At the Partnership meeting it was agreed that we will invite ‘Suggestions on Classics we might have ‘ from our customers. These along with a list prepared by Maxine will go through Neil as ‘Stock Suggestions’. He will arrange that we have a ‘small collections box’ of Classics which we might share with one other library.
  • YEAR 4 LIBRARY CLUB – this project is on hold until the Autumn.

Other Events

  • SCHOOL VISIT – St Helens’s Reception Classes Tuesday 3rd July 12.30pm to 1.15pm and 1.15pm to 2.00pm. We now need two LEAD VOLUNTEERS for this event, preferably those who also attend the training by the Young People’s Librarian.
  • SUMMER READING CHALLENGE 2018 – we have the preliminary notification for this and the theme this year is ‘Mischief Makers’. We now need a LEAD VOLUNTEER for SRC 2018. This will ideally be someone who will be around all the summer and prepared to drop in to the library a couple of times a week, (non rota) to undertake SRC activities, set the scheme up (starts 14th July) and ensure we have people to listen to the children read. Imelda from Herts will be the link person and will talk the volunteer through this. Please let me know by the end of May if you are prepared to be the lead here.
  • VILLAGE DAY 8th July. Once again we plan to have a Wheathampstead Community Library stall here, selling books and publicising the Library and its projects We now need additional VOLUNTEERS for this year to be on duty led by David and Richard. We also need good books. Please sort out books which we you feel we definitely can sell and bring to the Library week commencing 2nd July – not before as we have storage problems.

Annual General Meeting 
  • As an Unincorporated Association we are obliged to have an AGM and this will take place on Friday 13th July at 10.30am and be followed by a regular Coffee Morning.
    More details next month.

  • NEXT COFFEE MORNING – Monday 11th June 2018, immediately followed by a short training session for the Summer Reading Challenge (finish by 12.30pm).
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