News for Volunteers

Our fourth Volunteers’ Coffee Morning was held on 2nd October 2017. Below is the Volunteers’ update and all will be warmly welcome at the next Coffee Morning Thursday 16th November 10.30-12noon.


  • Spydus Training will be run by members of the Management Group on four dates, the mornings of 20th,23rd,27th, 30th October. Two volunteers can attend each on a first come, first served basis. Several more dates will be set for November and everyone will receive an email about all these dates
  • Induction Training for new volunteers will take place for a small group on 16th October. We have about five newcomers and Chrissie and Anita will be running this training. The new volunteers will then work shadow with existing volunteers and the more experienced of you will no doubt be able to help.

Library Visits

  • Knebworth Library, which is about nine months behind us in the transition to Community Library, would like to visit us. They will be making a first visit to us on 23rd October.
  • Several volunteers would like to visit Redbourn Library. Gill Partington will co-ordinate this visit so contact her if you would like to go.
  • We recently had a School Visit, something we will be expected to offer in the future. Some 35 Reception Class children from St Albans Girls School a came for an hour and the Librarian, Ros, ran a fun and informative session helped by Management Group members Lynn and Chrissie.

Monthly Rota

  • Volunteer Rota – we are now at the point when we can begin to confirm the standard rota ie the normal sessions that each person will work on a fortnightly cycle. Everyone will receive confirmation of this by the end of the month. 
  • There will always be times when people cannot attend their session. We will therefore be identifying possible cover people for each day. Volunteers discussed sharing of details and whilst this is certainly acceptable on an individual basis, any changes of rota do have to go through Lynn or Anita.


  • We will be getting new signage for the Library from County and are now building our Volunteer Notice Board. Richard is taking photos of everyone and designing a board to go up shortly. Please get your photo taken. We are now building up our own equipment for future use. We have a tea urn and will shortly buy a flip chart stand for training and stop press notices.

Book Sales

  • One way we can raise money directly for the Community Library is through (non-Library) Book Sales. For the past month the theme has been Cookery Books. This scheme is organised by David and he plans to change the theme every 6-8 weeks. Support and ideas welcome.

Young Volunteers

  • We are now actively recruiting Volunteers aged 16 to 18. See the information on this website, spread the word and contact Chrissie Chadney if you know someone who might be interested.