News for Volunteers

The next coffee morning is on Thursday, 8 March 2018 from 10.30 to 12 noon.

Coffee Morning on 9 February 2018

Key points from the our coffee morning of 9th February and other updates.

At this Coffee Morning we welcomed David and Stephen from Redbourn Library. They were able to share with us their experiences of Redbourn Library at this period in its development as a community library.

  • Transition period now until Easter… From now on volunteers will be opening and closing the Library and the professional staff will be around for the middle two hours of each session. There will be a gradual complete removal of staff from mid March.
  • Key Holders who open and close …
    • Mondays:-         John Anstice, Sarah Ryan
    • Tuesdays:-        Ulla Perch, Marion Oxley, Jill Maller, Anita Edmond
    • Wednesdays:-   Lisa Wenz
    • Thursdays:-       Frank Agnew
    • Saturdays:-        Karen Warr, Christine Anstice, Fanny Hamala
  • The Rota - we now have a standard rota which will pertain every month on a fortnightly cycle unless individuals are away. If this is the case it is vital that Lynn is informed, ideally before she sends out the first draft for a month. We do not want to have to do more than two versions if possible. If, on the day, you are unexpectedly unable to attend your session, please phone directly into the Library on 01582 628680 so that your colleagues know.
  • The Volunteers Pool - we need some volunteers who will offer to be in the ‘Pool’ for cover as well as doing their standard sessions. There is no obligation for this but extra help would be appreciated.
  • Communication – Following suggestions at the last coffee morning we now have:
    • The Day Book ( Hard green cover to left of main desk). Anita has organised this in four sections 1) Information for all;  2) Frequently Asked Questions ( put these in and the Management Group will try to answer each week)   3) Mini Projects – the Management Group will put these in with dates for completion and volunteers are invited to put their names against a project and do it;    4) Suggestions and Ideas from Volunteers. Please read this book on each session you attend.
    • The Diary - as now. Please sign in every day and leave any current/everyday information for others on duty eg computers down 2pm to 3pm/ new stationery stock has arrived.   
    • The Monthly Newsletter - the newsletter on the website which Chrissie writes each month will also be emailed to all volunteers
    • The Photo Board – this is nearly completed and Richard showed us the mock up. It will be put up next to the desk this month.
  • Training on Spydus – the new manual is now in the Library and so training will begin next week for the next month. Our champions, Lisa, Karen and Jan have each given three dates when they can run sessions and Chrissie will email inviting attendees and sort out a rota, two to three people each session.

  • New Volunteers – are still wanted. The village has been leafletted again and we would like some five more individuals. All volunteers were asked to spread the word.
  • Events – We have recently provided one nursery school visit and will be hosting Yellowstar Nursery under 3s on 16th February, the Reception Class and Year 6 from St Helens in early March and groups from the Friday Mothers and Toddlers session. These sessions happen in the morning and volunteers who would like to get involved with this should contact Chrissie
  • Fundraising – Waitrose and Book Sales – Sarah Ryan is in contact with Waitrose Harpenden regarding our being recipients of the ‘green token’ collection; we hope we will be a named group in the summer. David is continuing to manage and refresh the WCL Book Sale trolley from which money is satisfactorily trickling in.
  • Consultation on Alternative Delivery Model for Libraries - ends 17th Feb 2018 decision in March. It is important that all volunteers read the leaflet and questionnaire about this and /or fill in the response on line. All alternatives have disadvantages but the status quo is not an option.

  • Fire Station news – a letter has been received to say that planning has been granted and it is anticipated that work will start in June 2018

Launch of Wheathampstead Community Library 
Tuesday 17th April 4pm at the Library
All volunteers are invited to attend.

We know that Andrew Bignell, Head of Libraries, will be there. 
Publicity about this will be arranged by David with an article in Mini Magazine and elsewhere.

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