Summer Reading Challenge


Annual Summer Reading Challenge

Every year children in Hertfordshire are invited to join in with the Summer Reading Challenge.

Over the summer holidays children (mainly primary school age) read 6 books and receive special rewards every time they finished a book. Every child who completed the challenge also received a medal and a certificate. It is a key activity for the library as it helps with visitor figures and issues.

The annual event is designed to encourage children to read throughout the summer and to talk about what they have read with a library volunteer. They register for the Challenge, which is advertised in all local schools, at any time from mid-July and read six books over the ensuing weeks. They have complete freedom about the books they choose and when they have read and talked about two books they receive stickers to go in specially commissioned booklets.

These are the Summer reading Challenges from recent years:

Sport: the Summer Reading Challenge in 2023

The theme for 2023 was Sport.

Gadgeteers: the Summer Reading Challenge in 2022

The theme for 2022 was 'Gadgeteers'.


  Wild World Heroes: the Summer Reading Challenge in 2021

The theme for 2021 was a sustainability one, 'Wild World Heroes'.

Libraries teamed up with WWF for a very special nature-themed Challenge that inspired us to stand up for the planet!

Space Chase: the Summer Reading Challenge in 2019

The theme for the Challenge in 2019 was 'Space Chase', and just over 100 children completed the Challenge this year.

There were three 2019 SRC Presentations, supported by many parents and carers. They took place on Thursday 12th September at 4.30pm, Saturday 14th September at 10.30am and Tuesday 17th September at 6.00pm.  

Mischief Makers: the Summer Reading Challenge in 2018

The theme for the Challenge in 2018 was 'Mischief Makers'.

The library was a hive of activity over the summer, mainly with the Summer Reading Challenge in which 190 of our local children took part. The idea was that they read six books over the summer holidays, came to the library to get more books and talked to us about the books they had read. If they completed the challenge they were awarded a certificate and a medal. We held three presentations of these awards at times specially arranged to suit busy families and they were all well attended. This scheme has been running for several years and with the support of schools and of course parents and carers has been a great success. Over the whole county almost 19,000 children took up the challenge and this was most encouraging when the survival of libraries and the activity of reading for pleasure seems to be being questioned.

Animal Antics: the Summer Reading Challenge in 2017

‘Animal Agents’ was the theme for 2017 and there were quizzes and activities as part of the Challenge.

The Summer Reading Challenge at Wheathampstead was very successful and much enjoyed by the volunteers as well as the children. 88 children completed from our Library and were presented with certificates on 14th, 15th, 16th and 19th September during library sessions.

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