What's happening at the Library?

Your library is now under new management.

Why not become involved in a really worthwhile community project?

Wheathampstead Library Volunteers are a group of volunteers determined to keep Wheathampstead Library open.

Herts County Council has stopped providing librarians to run Wheathampstead Library, and it is now down to the volunteers from Wheathampstead Library Volunteers to operate the library. 

The library was launched as Wheathampstead Community Library on 17 April 2018, when Andrew Bignell (Head of Libraries and Heritage, Herts CC) handed Chrissie Chadney, Chair of the Volunteers, a ceremonial key (see picture below).

If you would like to volunteer, or if you would just like to find out more, we'd be delighted to hear from you.   Please click here to email us, and we will contact you within a week.

Exciting new projects

Where we are

Wheathampstead Library,  Memorial Hall,  Marford Road,  Wheathampstead, Herts  AL4 8AY


Opening Hours

Monday - Thursday       2pm  -  6pm

Friday                            Closed

Saturday                        9am  -  1pm 

Sunday                          Closed

Village Day

The Community Library had a stall at Wheathampstead Village Day on July 8th, where we sold a wide range of books and raised £70 for the Library.

Thanks to all those who manned and visited our stall.