News for Volunteers

This news feature will shortly be revived following the re-opening of the Community Library after the lifting of Covid-19 restrictions.

September 2019

NOTES from the Coffee Morning 18th October and following HCC meetings

The Building

Progress has been made with a few internal changes, removal of some equipment and new items. We still await one further narrow magazine carousel and a narrow paperbacks carousel

We still await the printer being moved to be near the Kiosk.

We have set up the ‘Monthly Theme area near the front door on the wall and the ‘Autumn’ display by Jenny and ‘Making things for Christmas’ by Karen and Catherine have been well received.

We continue to await keys for the side Fire Door as our entry point but meanwhile the automatic doors are working and manually set up on leaving.

We continue to await the large TV screen for the Fire Service use and for the barrier and parking guidance to be clear outside. The parking here is for Library Volunteer Staff plus those with disability.

The heating system has now been commissioned

We are still unclear about who does the window cleaning and when and also the procedure for urgent repairs and emergency building matters. HCC to be asked.

Outside the Building

We have enquired about extra parking at the back but the space is required by the Fire Service for damaged vehicles to practice freeing trapped people.

No action has yet been taken by HCC regarding the poorly designed front space and the trip hazard of the kerb although there has been a visit from H and S and Properties and something will be done.

We have told HCC about the problem of rain ingress at the front and the need for a canopy/porch. Apparently there was one in the original designs but this was cut due to the budget and is unlikely to be considered again.


The Conversation Corner

An early draft proposal for the ‘Village Conversation Corner’ immediately in front of the Library has been discussed with HCC and they are broadly supportive. Further discussion and a more detailed proposal is now required. A grant application for £300 has been made to the Community Libraries fund for part payment of the notice board and it is hoped that WEB and WDPS will fund the right angled ‘chat bench’.. It would remain to fund the landscaping and rest of the notice board and planning will be required.

Projects, Ideas and Issues

  • John Anstice has kindly volunteered to run some Maths Sessions for young people taking GCSE or A level Maths. These will take place on a Friday from 4.30 to 5.30pm. He has not had any takers yet and we need to advertise it more with flyers up on Hilldyke, Library and foodbank. Could anyone help with this?
  • Homework Corner – on the suggestion of D o E volunteer Joseph. This has now been set up utilising the underused Library Link table.
  • We are still very overfull of books and a further cull is needed, especially where we have three copies. HCC will be asked to do this.
  • It was suggested that we should display or at least have available a large street map of Wheathampstead. This is to be acquired.
  • The formal launch of the new Libraries at Wheathampstead and Redbourn will not now happen until the Spring and after the election.

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